Dreams, We All Have Them

Browsing through my archives, I saw this one. I saw it inside my NOV 2010 folder and, yeah, I figured I wrote this way back last year when I was still that kid who knew how to write. LOL.
I remember originally writing this for my FEU Advocate column but since there was another issue that came upon me that time, this one never got published. It’s funny how it felt reading it just about a while ago. Man, my heart was too fragile way back then. Try reading it. Oh God.

Dreams, we all have them

Scratch Line

When your dreams come true, who would you want to be next you?

            I guess it’s just normal for a graduating student to, out of a random moment, suddenly think about what the future holds for her. By saying future, I do not mean year 3001, but future meaning, the real world.

            From previous years I have seen friends or cousins graduate and then learn that they’ve found a job, earning money for themselves and for their family. And also over the years, I have seen friends succeed. I have witnessed friends come on top of their careers.

            But one thing I have always hated witnessing is when friends have everything and still not be happy about it.

            Then on one random night, as I searched though my recent posts in Facebook, I read a friend’s status update that said: “There are five things a person needs to be happy: some work, some food, some friends, some fun, and someone.”

            It was a bit mushy but I thought it made it sense. Thoughts suddenly came flashing and remembered the friends I have been talking about earlier. I realized, just about then, that yes, you may have everything but without anyone to share it with, it is as good as nothing.

            As a grade school student, I dreamt of being a doctor, save lives. In junior high school, I wanted to be a Cheerdancer but as I reached Senior High, I then wanted to be a director.

            And as of the moment, I have many things in mind that I want to become after I graduate. I want to work for New York Times, be a team Manager for any college basketball team, be a photographer, an events manager. I want to watch Maria Sharapova live in French Open, see Paramore perform live, tell Charice Pempengco how much I’m proud of her. Some are really random, some are long-term goals but all of which are attainable and they are what I call my dreams.

            I know achieving some of it would take me to a rough road, full of temptations to go back and shut the door of all possibilities. But my answer is no, I won’t go back because I have decided to take a few people with me.

            Not sure who they are yet, but if ever, I want someone who knows me very well –

the one who knows my weaknesses and yet still believe in my strengths even if they are not obvious.

            I would also like to take someone who is honest enough to tell me what my mistakes are even if it hurts me a thousand times and more. I would also take with me someone who will keep reminding me of my goal because at times, I tend to forget them. Also, someone who would be willing to catch me once I fall and say “Hey! Stand up, we still have a long way to go.”

            Someday, school, which I call the Preparation Stage, will soon have to end. And all of us will be facing the next phase, which I call the Application Stage.

            Though the people surrounding us may cause trouble and pain, we all know that we are less of a person without them. And in a world of power and odds, it pays to have some people to be with ‘til the end.

            You may chose or fate may give one to you, but once you see and decide who you want to be there when your fantasies come to life, never let them walk away. Family, friends, special someone – whoever it may be, remember that some birds don’t come back after you have let them fly away.

            Graduating or not, ask yourself. Reflect. When your dreams come true, who would you want to be next to you?

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