Even Destiny has an Expiry Date

Here I go again with Danielle LaPorte.
Why does she say the right things?

find a new target for your long-unfulfilled dreams: a love story.

*names have been changed to protect the identity of the temporarily heart-broken

Louise* and Lance* were best friends. Just friends, never so much as smooched. They were roomies, they got drunk at concerts together, they slept in the same tent, exchanged great Christmas presents. Lance dated other people. Louise was in love with Lance. Plain as day, we all could see it. Well, maybe someday Lance will get it.

Twelve years went by. New partners and holidays came and went. It was good n’ truly time for Louise to lay down the torch. She decided make a pitch. This is the crescendo of all romantic comedies where the protagonist decides to go for it:

It’s 4am and we’d all been dancing at a fabulous wedding. Louise and Lance are slow dancing as the DJ starts packing up. There is a small audience of us in the corner table balancing Stella bottles and wearing neckties around our heads. “Oh…my…I think she’s going for it,” one of the cast says. We lean in to gawk, trying to read their lips.

Sure enough, with heart in hand and Cabernet courage Louise made her overture…Do you think we could make a go of it? Lance listened. He’s a great guy. He listened softly. And softly he said: If it were going to happen, it would have happened by now. Truth bomb. Gently dropped.

If it were going to happen, it would have happened by now.

Even destiny has an expiry date. This is such primal wisdom. I’m all for relentless dreaming and fierce faith. But if you’re spending an overly long time trying to wish, hammer, hope, push and ploy things into form, maybe it’s time to point your dream in another direction. If a crop isn’t growing, the farmer doesn’t keep wasting water and fertilizer on it. He yanks it out, tills the soil and plants a whole new kind of seed.

Let ’em go. Kill the project. Shut down a division. And take that same longing for love, or creative fulfillment, or phat cash and face forward!



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