Get It Right

Saw this a few days ago and I was like, “Way to be articulate.”

Never thought I’d be posting this but the past few days had been rather… juicy – for lack of better word. A few days ago, I dropped the F-bomb and now, I’m blurting the S word. Crazy.

You, Me. We always have a choice, right? Why stay miserable if, really, the freaking answer is in front of you and you’ve got your whole life ahead of you. If you’re miserable right now, please, don’t choose to be miserable tomorrow. Because really, it’s a freaking choice. Self-pity is always NOT on the fashion trend, so please, get your s*** together.


Author: Lora Dee

Proof that a degree in Communication doesn't make anyone less awkward; music taste ranges from the very first Britney Spears album to Arcade Fire and Haim but does not include Justin Bieber and One Direction; favorite poet is me because everyone is a poet when they're sad enough.


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