Still A Long Way To Go

“The best people find strength in misery.”Maria Sharapova

was totally outclassed today losing to Victoria Azarenka, 6-3 6-0 in the Final of the 2012 Australian Open. Yeah, ‘outclassed’ doesn’t even begin to describe it.She lost this ope

n coming from another grand slam final loss in the US Open last year. Man, these times are hard. I’m sorry for being so dramatic but man, Sharapova’s the reason why I love sports in the first place.She won her first grand slam back in 2004 beating Serena Williams in Wimbledon. Then, she won a few grand slams, injured her ankle and shoulder and now, she’s struggling to find her best tennis legs back. If you track her life, you’ll prolly be inspired. It’s the whole reason why she’s always going to be my favorite.

I’d love to see her back on top but I know it’s gonna take time. I am slightly over the depression caused by today’s loss and I must say ‘Hats off, Maria Sharapova’. Hats off to you for continuing to fight back despite the setbacks.

I, along with your 6 million Facebook fans will be waiting ’til we can call you ‘Number One’ again. x



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