Someone’s waiting for you, too.

I used to speak big about love.
I remember a period in time, when love was everything I have talked about.
Well, as they say it, you talk about something you know. You talk about something you experience first-hand and you talk about something you’ve felt.
That period of time was long gone but I guess the lessons, the feelings linger; how my heart would beat faster, how my knees would go weak, how my words got stuck in my throat.
I remember them vividly because I know, for one moment in my life, I was really happy.
It’s a cliche, how one person can mean the world to you.
My first love was amazing.
Yeah, imagine how amazing it was given the fact that I am here talking about it.
I don’t know how many people would be reading this but I want to share these thoughts because my first love didn’t just hurt big time; at one point in time, it was really great.
Telling this story backwards, it ended somewhat tragically, in a very anti-climatic way. It faded, somewhere along the line we’ve crossed. It iced somewhere along the roads we’ve traveled. Somehow, you knew it was bound to end but it would still hurt when it does because you always hoped for the best.
I did.
I hoped for the best but I realized, some things were bound to happen to teach us lessons we’ll never learn otherwise.
I have traveled the pity road, the self-pity road. I can’t help it. I guess it’s normal for people who have lost something they’ve set their heart into.
But looking at it now, I still smile; and not the bitter kind of smile.
I still smile because the memories were still great and I still became the person I never thought I’d be.
When you fall in love, you learn something about yourself as you learn a lot about the other person. As you go through it, you’ll know the lengths you’d be willing to go, you’ll know just how much you can give; you’ll know just how much you can take.
I think, when we experience it, the only thing we can take from it is the experience itself.
I learned to take the risk.
I learned to dare to cross the line.
I learned to give more than I could and then take something I can.
I sit here, at six in the evening contemplating – and smiling all the while – about that period in time and I know I’m bound to remember that for the rest of my life.
Once in my life, I was really happy.
It makes me smile to know that I still have a chance – to experience it all over again.
And although I know first loves are always incomparable, I won’t give up.
You shouldn’t too.
There aren’t many people who are lucky enough to have someone beside them. Some people aren’t even lucky enough to know what they want.
And you know what; I am one of those people.
I don’t know what I want but… I know what I don’t.
I haven’t found the one but I know… there’s always someone for everyone.
Time will come.
The person will come.
It doesn’t have to be today but someday sounds good.
Just remember that when the glass is half-empty, the glass is also half-full. I suggest you take on the latter because being cynical; being negative only makes us miserable.
It’s not the situation that’s bad, it’s how we look at it.
Sometimes, only sometimes, we just have to believe.
It takes courage to believe.
It takes faith to believe.
But faith is worth holding on to because faith gives hope.
Hope that someday, somewhere, someone’s waiting for you, too.


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