This life is pretty amazing

Take the good things instead of the bad.
We all have those days; some are nice, some are bad. Some people are lucky to be stuck in the good ones while others feel as if every day is a bad day. It’s probably your hair or your outfit. It’s probably your boss or that annoying office mate you have. It could be your awful schoolmate or that person you hate so much. No matter who it is, there would always be something that will make you hate the place you’re in.

Sure, most of us like to believe in reasons, in answers to our why’s. It’s okay to believe that there are answers because there are answers, only; they don’t come the moment we ask them. They come at the right time.
Why is she like this?
Why don’t they like me?
Why is he like that?
Why is my life this bad? 
Why can’t I get it right?
Why can’t I just move on?
Every day we have questions that need answers. Of course, we could go all day complaining. We could go on, all day, wondering why our life hadn’t turn out the way we want it to be. We could go on all day complaining about the things we hate and yet, at the end of the day, we find ourselves unsatisfied with the answers.
It’s because the answers are not the answers we want. It’s human nature to filter emotions and beliefs. Sometimes, the answer is right in front of us and yet, we choose to ignore it because it’s not the answer we want. That’s why a lot people continue to ask questions without the effort to get the answer they want. That’s the reason why so many people are miserable.
We continue to complain. We continue to blabber. We continue to be mad about how our life didn’t turn out the way we want it. We continue to be angry until we run out of energy to change the things we hate.
Some people opt to start changing their ways. They understand what they need to do to stop the misery and they do it just in time to save themselves from falling over to hopeless side.
But not everyone has the courage to change.
Change could be really scary sometimes. It’s so hard picturing a future while pushing for change because nobody knows if there’s actually something in there.
If you are one of these scared people, all you have to do is to take each day, one step at a time.
A leap of faith isn’t always easy but it doesn’t mean it’s insurmountable. Someday, that courage will come to you and you get to say, “I’m done of this shit” and that’s the day you’ll get out of the mess.
Moving on with the rest of your life after being stuck into something – or someone – isn’t a decision made on impulse; it’s not even a decision. It’s a feeling.
It’s feeling sick and tired of being sick and tired.
It comes in time – when you’re ready to experience the world again.
But if it hasn’t come yet, don’t get frustrated. Don’t get mad. Stop complaining. Best of all, don’t give up.
For sure, you must have heard this already from somewhere but there are so many things about your life that you should set your focus on instead of the pain, instead of the misery.
It could be your friends. It could be the laughs. It could be your favorite food or TV show. It could be anything and these are usually the things you won’t notice if you aren’t looking for it. But it’s always there.
The better things are always right in front of us. They always go unnoticed; unappreciated because we focus on the despair.
The bad days are inevitable, and so is pain, but agony isn’t. Misery is not something you stay stuck on to; it’s something you settle for just because you can’t always get what you want in an instant. You can always get out if you you’d want enough.
You just have to find a way without expecting too much.
If you’ll only look closely, this life is pretty amazing.


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