Play On: Summer Mixtape

They say summer is a fleeting feeling. It’s that time of the year to relax, soak under the sun, enjoy life for a while and then go back to reality afterwards. Others say summer lasts whole year long, being okay and feeling free doesn’t have to feel tentative.
Whatever summer is for you, make sure you enjoy this time of the year because whether it is fleeting or all-year long, summer is filled with breaking the rules and standing apart; ignoring your head and following your heart.
Be it by the beach or by the pool, make sure you back yourself up with music that spices up the mood. Forget the heartbreaks, forget the stress, for one second, take a moment for your self.

Summer’s a time for Afrobeat-fused indie rock, reggae-tinged, synth-heavy dream pop, and contemplative R&B music. So, from the summer of ’87 to current mainstream music – let me share my summer mixtape. Hit the road!

1. “Battery Kinzie”, Fleet Foxes
2. “My Mistakes”, Eleanor Friedberger
3. “Down By the Seaside”, Led Zeppelin
4. “Up, Up, Up”, Givers
5. “Swim Good”, Frank Ocean
6. “Something Good Can Work”, Two Door Cinema Club (The Twelves Remix)

7. “Pieces of You”, Wolf Gang (Baby Monster Remix) 

8. “Sun of a Gun”, Oh Land
9. “Rumor Has It”, Adele
10. “Roll With The Punches”, Lenka
11. “Crave You”, Flight Facilities ft. Giselle
12. “Borderline”, Madonna




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