Cheers to Kelly Clarkson’s 30th!

When the first American Idol came around, who would’ve thought that it would bring a star that was destined to become the 14th best selling artist of the 2000s? Or the artist that broke The Beatles’ record for the biggest leap to number one in Billboard?

Yep, no matter how incredibly unbelievable Idol is sometimes, it introduced Kelly Clarkson  to the music industry.
Kelly Brianne Clarkson
I have always been a Kelly Clarkson fan [since DAY ONE, you people; DAY ONE] and I must admit that I have only decided to venture into music since hearing her sing Natural Woman on Idol and most especially when Because of You came out.
I must admit, I loved Because of You because I could relate to the story of the song but I think, that’s what makes Kelly Clarkson really special – her songs are relate-able and when words fail you when it comes to expression of your feelings, you can always turn up some Kelly Clarkson and find the words that hit right close to home.
Yours truly does not claim to be a music expert – although I have a couple of ideas about what music really is – but what connects me most to Kelly is my inner poet. Her songs are well-written and it’s just a bonus for the well-arranged musical elements but the soul and emotions put in every Kelly Clarkson song, hit or not, is an impeccable display of vulnerability that not many artists can do.
I could consider her the Queen of Break Up Songs. Hell yeah, I could go all day enumerating songs from her albums that concerns heartbreaks and moving on.
Why the feature? Well, Kelly Clarkson just celebrated her 30th birthday (April 24) and yeah, a lot of people who didn’t know about her age were prolly shocked that she’s 30; because that girl looks forever young.
Forgive my moments of fangirling.
On to the countdown.
Here, I would mention my favorite Kelly Clarkson songs.
Some of these songs aren’t the more popular ones because believe me, I have all of Kelly Clarkson songs in my iPod.
[Now, that I’m about to start the countdown, I find it hard to choose a favorite. Seriously.]
Note: Album links lead to Last FM for streaming. 
1. Sober [From the album ‘My December‘]
My December is so underrated. After the success of Breakaway, everybody expected Kelly to do the same thing again but then, she surprised a lot of people by coming up with a darker, more edgy line of songs. This song showcased Clarkson’s out-of-this-world vocals and listening to this song gives an out-of-body experience – each and every damned time. Contrary to what it’s title depicts, I believe this song is not about alcohol awareness. HAHA.
2. Because of You [From the album ‘Breakaway‘]
Kelly Clarkson wrote this song when she was 16 years old and wanted to include this on her first album Thankful but wasn’t approved in fear that no one would like it. In various interviews, Clarkson said this was the most depressing song she has ever written because it is filled with childhood memories. Still, she wanted the world to hear it. And as per Billboard, this song alone sold 1.5 million digital downloads [in your face Clive Davis]. This used to be my favorite but it was topped by Sober up there.
3. Since U Been Gone [From the album ‘Breakaway‘]
Enough on the Avril Lavigne comparison, people; because seriously? Have you heard Kelly Clarkson sing live? I mean, I don’t have anything against Avril, but she couldn’t hold a candle against Kelly… vocally, most especially. To put this song simply, MTV put this song at Number 5 on the list of the biggest songs of the 2000s. A magazine (I kind of forgot it’s name), also said that this is the song that is “in everybody’s playlist”. I must say, this has got to be one of the ultimate breakup songs, ever.
4. Behind These Hazel Eyes [From the album ‘Breakaway‘]
This is the song of every heartbroken person out there! I can’t even begin to describe this song. From the words to the arrangement, everything was put remarkably well like puzzle pieces that found it’s parts. Not to mention that Kelly Clarkson performs this song live – ON THE ORIGINAL KEY flawlessly. Go and find those live performances and be mesmerized. Seriously.
5. What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger) [From the album ‘Stronger’]
Disclaimer: I wrote the title in the same format as it is in the album, other sources say its: Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You).

Again, this proves why Kelly Clarkson is the Queen of Breakup songs, not to mention the awesome music video. The time this song spent on the charts is enough to prove Clarkson’s worth in the industry. And have you really listened to this song? Seriously, it’s soooo good.
 Note: Song title links lead to YouTube for streaming. 

6. Already Gone [From the album ‘All I Ever Wanted‘]

You know that I love you so

I love you enough to let you go

7. You Found Me [From the album ‘Breakaway‘]

You broke through all of my confusionThe ups and the downs and you still didn’t leave

I guess that you saw what nobody could see

The good and the bad and the things in between

You found me

8. Cry [From the album ‘All I Ever Wanted‘]

 If anyone asksI’ll tell them we both just moved on

When people all stare

I’ll pretend that I don’t hear them talk

9. Breaking Your Own Heart [From the album ‘Stronger‘]

 You’re breaking your own heartTaking it too far down the lonely road

You say you just want love

But when it’s close enough you just let it go

10. Miss Independent [From the album ‘Thankful‘]

So, by changing her misconceptionsShe went in a new direction

And found inside she felt a connection

She fell in love.

That’s my Top 10 right there but you seriously have to check out all Clarkson’s album and I swear you won’t be disappointed.
You might also want to check these songs [that didn’t make my Top 10 list, but are really, really good songs]:


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