Carrie Underwood’s ‘Blown Away’ Will Blow You Away

Despite its many loopholes, American Idol sure did make something of a country girl from Checotah, Oklahoma.

American Idol Season 4 winner Carrie Underwood  recently unveiled her fourth studio album called Blown Away. Unlike her previous albums, Underwood took a different route in this one by putting on some serious angst while trying not to break away from the same old country girl that America voted for in 2005.
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The album kicks of with carrier single, Good Girl, which features a somewhat rock-country vibe induced by Underwood’s ever-enchanting vocals. The second track, Blown Away, hits off on heavy bass drum intro and Underwood goes on the entire song with the somewhat angsty vibe singing: There’s not enough rain in Oklahoma to wash the sins out of that house.
Watch the official music video of Good Girl
Underwood takes the angst down to the third track, Two Black Cadillacs, which overall sounded like a Miranda Lambert song, only with better musical arrangement.
Then just like that, Underwood gives you something that hit close to home. The fourth track See You Again would probably be one of the songs that a lot of people could relate to, not to mention it is also probably one of the most mainstream radio-friendly tracks off the album. (Did I just ramble about the fourth song? Just like what I said, it hit close to home.) The fifth track Do You Think About Me is also one of the songs that would certainly make you smile especially on the part that Underwood sings: Oh I, Oh I’m not trying, Oh I, Oh I, but I can’t stop smiling with her sweet, soothing voice.
And what is a country album without childhood-inspired, dream-filled songs? Her sixth, seventh, and ninth tracks Forever ChangedNobody Ever Told You and Thank God For Hometowns, despite sounding like a rip-off from her Carnival Ride album, showcased pure-country musical arrangements backed by Underwood’s vocals.
The eight track, One Way Ticket, is probably the best song off the album. Lyrically and arrangement-wise, it definitely defines why Underwood is one of the bests in the genre. It’s like hearing Carrie Underwood like you’ve never heard her before. If you’re having a bad day, listening to this song would certainly change your mood.


Well if life don’t go your way
Maybe it’s time to take a break,
Yeah, yeah
Raise your hands in the air tonight
Put a little love back in your life
Get your feet up, just kick it
We got a one way ticket


And of course, who is Carrie Underwood without a powerful ballad? The 10th trackGood in Goodbye is a bittersweet song and again, for some people, this might hit close to home. *coughs*
While the last four songs in the album sounded too country, Leave Love AloneCupid’s Got a Shotgun (which reminds me a lot of Miranda Lambert’s Gunpowder and Lead), Wine after Whiskey (lyrically good), and Who Are You, definitely showcased the best thing about a Carrie Underwood album – her voice.

This is by far Underwood’s best album simply because of the growth and maturity that the entire album contained.

Blown Away featured just how Underwood can swerve to the edgy side without trailing away from the pop-ish vibe that she became known for in the first place. There shouldn’t be a debate whether Underwood is a Taylor Swift or a Miranda Lambert because in this album, Carrie Underwood sure did create a place for herself in the country arena.
Watch as Carrie Underwood comes back on Idol stage to perform Blown Away from her latest album


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