ZZ Ward’s "Eleven Roses": Why You Must Have It

Whoever said that contemporary hip-hop can never work with alternative blues, they probably haven’t heard ZZ Ward.

I was watching the official trailer of Pretty Little Liars two days ago and then, it featured this song that immediately caught my attention. It’s probably the authentic beats of contemporary hip-hop or it could be the voice but I found myself searching the artist behind it.
View the Pretty Little Liars trailer here.
Thank God for YouTube [and Pretty Little Liars] because they introduced me to the music of ZZ Ward.
So, I’ve learned that the track I’ve heard on the trailer is called “‘Till The Casket Drops” and I swear if you listen to it, you’ll get captivated as well. (The comments on trailer itself were talking about the song and not the show itself, as awkward as that is.)
Listen to ‘Til The Casket Drops
And upon research, I figured that the Roseburg, Oregon-native blues singer just made her Eleven Roses mixtape available for free download.
ZZ Ward’s debut mixtape features eight tracks of genius music – the raw yet elegant combination of blues and hip-hop plus the undeniably flawless voice of ZZ Ward plus the brutal and beautiful lyrics of every song; it is an overall win. 
The third track “Overdue” made me think that she’s actually the love child of Adele and BoB or the second coming of Fiona Apple. This track is brutally honest and it’s arrangement made you feel every single bit of it’s honesty.
Watch the official music video of Overdue
“Better Off Dead” and “Got It Bad”, the first and second single off the mixtape, just showed why ZZ Ward’s music deserves an applause. It’s the type you’d listen to after a long day because aside from laughter, good music just makes everything okay.
My personal favorite would be “Morphine”. It has that music video vibe that when you listen to it while walking down the street, you’d feel as badass as the song itself.
The entire mixtape is a consistent mix of honest words and raw beats from track one to track eight.
The two acoustic tracks just showed off ZZ Ward’s amazing vocals that will make you think she was standing in front of the line when God showered singing talents to humanity.
Raw, elegant, beautiful–three words to describe this record.
Learn more about ZZ Ward through the following links:


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