Rainy Season Mixtape: It’s Time For Some "Rain" Songs

Now that summer’s officially over, we’re down to jackets and blankets.

We are over the sweaty days and so we now resort to hot drinks when we feel cold at night, or even settle for wearing socks when the air conditioning system got a little too cold for our liking. Our time by the beach is over and it’s time for us to stare at our indoor surroundings.
In a tropical country like the Philippines, the rainy season is very much appreciated especially after grueling months of summer heat. Of course, there are those inevitable flood incidents and slippery roads; there are also those tragic accidents – but more or less, the rainy season is a time where most of us reflect about our lives.
Whether you’re on the road, looking outside the car or train; or you’re at home just gazing outside your already moist window. Or you’re just probably feeling a little too sentimental to match the weather — it’s always okay to be equipped with music that matches the weather.
So here’s a mixtape I prepared for future references.
Again, forgive my 80s antics. (I can’t help it!)
The White Stripes, “In The Cold, Cold Night”
Madonna, “Frozen”
Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Snow”
The Decemberists, “January Hymn”
Queen, “A Winter’s Tale”
Bruce Springsteen, “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out”
Mammas & Pappas, “California Dreamin'”
Radiohead, “Morning Bell”
The Rolling Stones, “Winter”
Sarah McLachlan, “Song for a Winter’s Night”
Owl City, “The Tip of the Iceberg”
Motion City SoundTrack, “Hold Me Down”

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My personal favorites are Motion City SoundTrack’s “Hold Me Down” and Sarah McLachlan’s “Song For A Winter’s Night”. And of course, The White Stripes’ “In A Cold, Cold Night”.


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