MaSha is definitely back

For what it’s worth, Maria Sharapova introduced me to sports.
A series of injuries somehow made this blog entry almost impossible but as they say it, never underestimate the power of a true champion.
Maria Sharapova strut her way to her first ever French Open Final, defeating previous champions and record holders –  a climb that resulted to reclaiming the top spot in the WTA Rankings. Yes, Maria Sharapova is your current World No. 1.
But the journey didn’t end in getting to the finals – the story capped off with a title.
Maria Sharapova defeated Italy’s Sara Errani to be the 10th woman in tennis history to complete a career Grand Slam and for those who are not aware. It is a big deal.
Of course, I’d dedicate another blog entry to her. She’s like, my sports idol – the one that started my love for sports.
Congratulations, MaSha!


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