Pain is a relative term

Pain is a relative term.
One that is somehow connected to a past or a future; and sometimes the present. Most of the time, pain is a side effect of an event, of words spoken (or even unspoken), or a tiny realization.
Still, pain is a relative term.
One that someone does not quickly recover from. One that can be felt over and over again.
Perhaps, pain is a side effect of happiness, or an aftermath, or simply a feeling when said happiness fleets away.
Still, pain is arelative term.
One that is inevitable. One that can hit you anywhere, anytime.
Your pain is coming from somewhere
Twenty-one years of existence has taught me that people fight a different battle everyday. A battle that makes one feel as if it sucks to be them.
I know.
I have 21 years of existence to know the different varieties of pain. I don’t know them all but I may have the slightest idea.
There’s the pain that other people bring, or the pain that the voices in your head cause; and there’s the kind of pain that comes from fear and the unknown. There’s the pain brought by uncertainties.
There’s the pain of the great unrequited love and there’s the pain of a love that got away. There’s the pain of disappointment and there’s the pain of broken promises.
I am most familiar to the pain of broken dreams and wishful thinking.
Yet, there’s the pain that words cannot explain.
Time will tell
There’s the kind of pain that lasts for hours. There’s a kind of pain that lasts for days. Some take months to recover, while others just need space and not time.
The bittersweet truth is, there’s the kind of pain that never goes away – and it’s the kind of pain that is hardest to recover from; the kind of pain that scars for a lifetime, the kind of pain that you learn to live with.
The only way out is through
Some people are good with dealing pain, while others just suck royally.
Some people know when to feel, some others tend to not feel at all; and while some choose to cry at night, others decide to stop living.
But the best way to deal with pain, is to face the bitch. Not run from it or punch it right back, just face it.
Just feel it.
It’s true that pain is inevitable and it’s true that suffering is optional but being given a choice not to feel pain doesn’t mean you have to choose not to feel. That’s why it’s a choice, you can choose.
Feeling the pain is not torture, it’s the right thing to do because as they say it – pain is a bitch and bitches will always come around unless you get rid of them.
And someday, whatever pain you’re in right now, it will make sense.
For now, don’t you dare think life is bad. This might be a bad week or a horrible year but it it is never a bad life.
When someday comes around, you’ll see.
You’ll see.


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