Sara Bareilles: Once Upon Another Time [5 Stars]

Just when you thought Sara Bareilles was just sweet and gifted, she gives you an EP that is in equal parts edgy and witty—all the while keeping the sweet and the gift.


Months ago, she released a five-track EP called Once Upon Another Time, featuring songs that might be completely brand new to some long-time fans but still managed to sound completely Sara Bareilles… catchy yet completely sophisticated.

I must say, the fourth track “Sweet As Whole” is sheer genius. It had me laughing and singing all the while thinking, How the hell did that happen? Bareilles’ genuine excellence in song-writing has never failed amaze me, but this one is completely out-of-the-box in such a painfully good way.

Always, always trust Sara Bareilles to come up with something so brutally honest.

Sweet As Whole


And then, just when you heard her sing about bitches and a**holes, she sings, “Look in my eyes when you say you love me, so I can see you lie to me.”

Again, trust her to come up with something so heart-wrenchingly beautiful.

Lie To Me


 Overall, it’s a nice EP. It showcased a Bareilles’ brand new side without completely faltering away from the same artist who brought us the hits Love Song and Gravity.

‘Nuff said.




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