Soundtrack: The Vampire Diaries

I didn’t know it was possible to fall in love with the soundtrack of a TV show you don’t even watch.

Well that is until I was introduced to the wonderful soundtrack of the The Vampire Diaries… a show about… vampires?

Regardless of my innocence of what the show is about, I know one thing for sure–its soundtrack is one of the best compilations out there.

So, here’s a few songs that definitely made its way to my iPod.

Come Home (OneRepublic ft. Sara Bareilles)

This is the reason why I started looking into the TVD soundtrack.
My favorite song in this list.

Come Back When You Can (Barcelona)

Needless to say, they’re one of my favorite bands now.

All This Time (OneRepublic)

Because of this song, I decided to download the entirety of OneRepublic’s “Waking Up” album.

Longest Night (Howie Day)

Never really liked him. Well, that’s until I heard this song.

People Change (Joel & Luke)

I just learned of this band and I loved them almost instantly.

I Should Go (Levi Kreis)

Together Faraway (Ballas Hough Band)

Breathe Again (Sara Bareilles)

Broken Strings (James Morrison ft. Nelly Furtado)

A Moment Changes Everything (David Gray)



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