Not Gonna Happen

They say when people come into your life, you don’t realize their purpose right away. That’s until your whole world becomes constructed into two things: the things that are them and the things that aren’t them.

It’s like waking up one morning realizing that your whole world has suddenly turned into a cliché of things that remind you of them; like they are wherever you are and you think of them whatever you may do.

It’s scary when you think about it because it is usually the first sign of attraction, of possibilities, of pointless conclusions.

Then, you sit there just wondering how you got into a certain situation of finally seeing the person’s true identity—like you’re seeing them for the first time yet, you feel you’ve known them forever. And when you look at them, you suddenly realize why you have kept them in your life and that’s the scary part of it all.

Because when you see a person in a brand new light, you promote them into a whole new role in your life. And when you entertain the idea of them playing a different role, that’s when it all starts to come together. You start to think of them, you start to want them; you start to think of them as the other half of your being.

And then at the end of the day, it’s usually just so frustrating because if there is a 99% chance of people’s feelings being returned, you happen to be part of the unlucky 1%.

So, you shrug and try not to think about them again because that’s just how the story of your life had been. It’s sad but it’s true—sometimes, pain is something you just get used to.


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