Changes—Drastic or Fragmented

When changes happen, they usually happen at the time we least expect them. Some changes are drastic—the ones that alter our lives almost immediately; while other changes come in fragments—the ones you don’t notice at all until one day, you wake up with a changed perspective in front of you.

Changes are usually scary. Everything is scary when they’re uncertain, unguaranteed. But the thing about change, drastic or fragmented, it has the ability to turn you into the person you used to be or turn you into someone you never thought you could be.

When situations change, we all could agree that it takes time to adjust. But no one can prepare for the repercussions when it’s the people around you that change.

Sometimes, when people change, it hurts us in such an indirect and painfully slow way you won’t even notice it until your heart gets broken. But the most beautiful changes are the ones that turn us into writing a brand new story, a brand new start—or that kind of change that reminds us who we are, where we should be, and why we should be there.

Perhaps, changes open up a brand new chapter in your life; or they may force you to write a new book.

But whatever kind of change you are bound to face, face it. Because changes, drastic or fragmented, all end up with you on a different place—from where you used to be.

Changes are challenges.

Take it.

Take it slowly.

But take it.



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