It Changed Me


A few months ago, The Magic Room Project was just a dream.

It was just  dream until I decided to talk to a friend and gauge how possible it was to put up a website and try to inspire people with what gift I have—writing.

I never really believed that I can write well but I have this blog and The Magic Room Project because I know I can express.

I remember my friend telling me that TMRP is going to be one of those goals I never reached; that it’s gonna be one of those things I shelved because they weren’t doable. I don’t actually know why I still call her a friend after what she said (haha) but her words pushed me to do this.

So, went out there and made it happen.

I talked to another friend (this time someone who could actually make it happen) and then she said that it was possible. So, I believed it is and we started working on it.

From the first day I decided to put up the website, I believed in it. I believed that I could go out there, along with a few of my friends, and express things that most people couldn’t, say things that some people fear to say; make people discover things they haven’t imagined.

You know that one moment in your life that you just got tired of dreaming and decided to make it happen for once? That’s The Magic Room Project for me—a representation of things that I can actually do, a symbol of things I can possibly become.

I have a good number of people who believes in this project and that’s just enough for me to go on and keep writing, keep sharing, and keep inspiring.

My life was never an open book but with The Magic Room Project, I have learned to let go of some things and say them out loud. It doesn’t feel as good as what screaming feels like but it’s a start.


I will not forget the day the idea first came to mind. It was, incidentally, the first day of 2012, just a few minutes after the clock struck 12. I saw a post from another website that said something about doing things NOW.

It was probably my after-fireworks high or my sentimental starting-over thoughts but that single post made me… do things. It made me stop day dreaming and start doing stuff instead. I will forever thank You, Me & Charlie because I figured, if YM&C was able to change my life, maybe I can—through TMRP—change somebody else’s life, too.


It was September 1 when I first launched it and now, it’s been live for one month and the ride is nothing else but sweet. It makes me look forward to more months online and I hope the world smiles back at this little effort to change the world.

It has changed my life in so many beautiful ways and it brought me to heights I’ve never been.

Indeed, magic does not happen to people who do not believe in it.

I’m glad I did.

I hope it does the same to you


More about The Magic Room Project:

The Magic Room Project | Website




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