Honest and Vulnerable: ZZ Ward’s Til The Casket Drops

Just when you thought no one can offer anything original anymore, ZZ Ward unveils her debut album Til the Casket Drops and proves just have wrong that thought could be.

She was first heard by many when hit TV show Pretty Little Liars used her song Til the Casket Drops for its trailer but digging deeper into her music, Ward seriously has a lot more to offer.

It’s not merely her voice—which is similar to no one in today’s pop scene—that’s captivating about this record. It is the overall feel of the album that magically combined soul and hip hop to create an album that will surely introduce you to a whole new level of alternative blues.

Aside from the now-somewhat widely known track, Til the Casket Drops, the second track Put the Gun Down is probably one of the strongest songs in the album. It featured signature hip hop beats that highlighted so much kicks and snares, along with Ward’s incredibly sultry vocals. After this track, it is guaranteed you’ll be singing “put the gun down” repeatedly.

The tracks Home, Cryin’ Wolf, Charlie Ain’t Home, Save My Life, and 365 Days feature Ward’s flawless songwriting—songs that are in equal parts straightforward and vulnerable.

Anyone who aches for fresh music, Ward’s debut album is surely on top of the list. It’s definitely a 5 of 5!

Check more of ZZ Ward:
ZZ Ward | Official Website

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