Our Story

They say it’s going to end badly but it’s not their story.

“I don’t get you sometimes,” he tells you and you shake your head in disbelief because this, this could not be happening.

“That’s the whole point, you never get me,” you said with the most sarcastic smile you can pull off in the course of your sarcastic existence.

It was the final straw; you know, those few moments in a relationship when you know that from that point forward, everything would be either before this or after this.

It’s been a tough couple of days; and tough could just be the understatement of the year.

Frankly, all the warning signs are telling you to walk away but you don’t; simply because you never made it a hobby to walk away.

But it’s him—he can’t handle you.

You’re at your lowest: your work and family issues go together like Sahara Desert and fish—they just won’t go together; and honestly, you don’t know how much more you can take.

You tell him absolutely everything he needs to know; but maybe, despite months of being together, he still won’t understand how hard it is for you to be at the verge of losing everything. He tells you he’s there for you and you don’t agree much because he’s barely there.

You need him to tell you it’s going to be okay; you need him to hug you and make you feel safe the way he always does; and you need him to make you believe that you are strong enough to carry on after this—but he doesn’t.

He tells you it scared him to see you that way: to be on the verge of becoming your old, self-destructing self; the you that pushed people away, the you that didn’t know how to love. So, he pulls away and asks about your favorite band instead.

You never expected much from people in general. But it’s this one moment in your life that you needed someone to hold you together. All this time, you thought it’s going to be him but you’re wrong. Hell, you’re so wrong.

But you forgive him because you love him; you let it pass but then he goes around asking you what’s wrong with you. That’s when you snapped and said things you never meant to say but you don’t say sorry because you’re not.

Now, you’re dealing with the after this of that fateful night and it breaks you to see him still downing himself for not being good enough for you.

They say it’s going to end badly but it’s not their story.

You want everything to be okay but some wounds don’t heal quickly. Time and time again, you find the words at the tip of your tongue but you don’t say farewell because despite everything that’s happened, you don’t want to lose him.

You take a deep breath and tell yourself to calm down and hang in there for the moment. You hope he’s doing the same; that he’s still there waiting for you finally get over the pain of landing down on your face because no one caught you.

You still want to see him with that baby-I’m-right-here smile at the end of the day.

Some people will not understand; he probably wouldn’t understand but when it comes to chances, you’ve already given him twice as many as you’ve ever given anyone.

The least you can do is wish he’ll stay while you heal, one day at a time.

Our Story - Graham Colton
Our Story (Graham Colton)



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