So, I tried surfing once.

Where I’m from, it’s summer; so let’s just say it’s pretty automatic that I hit the beach.

May I just say that I love beaches. As much as I love New York and big cities, I also love the calm and serene ocean which, at times, isn’t calm and serene at all.

But you’re missing the point, I WENT SURFING. Like those people I watch on TV and those crazy good surfers in Florida who do surfing on a regular basis—I WENT SURFING. Like, with a surfboard (HAHAHA Forgive my drama. I’m just freaking happy).

I love traveling. Most places I have visited (and those I have lined up this year) are mostly places with beaches—visiting them to take a dip, rain or shine.  But don’t get me wrong, I am not anywhere close to putting up a travel blog; I love traveling but travel-blogging isn’t my thing. (Food blogging, though. Nomnom.)

(See, this is why I can’t put up a travel blog. I talk too much about myself. HAHA.)

So, my friend and I, planned a 3-day travel to 2 different beaches. The first beach we visited was where I got to surf, the Bagasbas Beach. It’s not one of the many popular beaches in the Philippines but hey, it’s popular for surfing because of the big, cool waves that would totally be perfect for many water sports.

Bagasbas, Camarines Norte

So, there’s that and then, the surfing.

Here’s a photo of me after I have tested if the waters were safe enough that if I died, I’d still be recognizable.

Bagasbas, Camarines Norte, Philippines

Then, here’s a photo of me, still smiling; not knowing what rabbit hole I’m putting myself into.

Surfing, Let's Do This

And another one.


This is the part that I conquer the world (the waves were kinda scary).


And then comes the part that I actually didn’t.

At least I tried.
At least I tried.

It was kind of funny because my friend didn’t even have pictures of me while I was trying to surf; probably saving me for future humiliation. So, maybe, I failed at trying to surf but wait there, I’m planning for another getaway and maybe this time, I’ll come back victoriously. I promise you, I’ll post another surfing-related blog and we’ll drink to my success. Well, hello, South Beach surfers.

Then came the body pain and all that. It was worth it, though. The experience was great. I ate a lot after that, EATING… that’s what I’m really good at. It was a fun experience overall. The most fun I’ve had in a while. In the middle of those big and scary waves, I let go.

It was awesome.

We left early the next morning. I can barely walk since all of my limbs were hurting but witnessing this sunrise is worth it all.



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