Loren Benjamin (Acoustic EP)

There’s always something about guys and guitars and charming smile and awesome hair–certainly, Loren Benjamin qualifies; but it isn’t just about the man, it’s more about the music.

I was browsing through different artists I can find on Twitter and there, of course, I found Benjamin’s Twitter page that eventually led me to his music. You must think I don’t have anything better to do with my life but randomly browse through Twitter in search for artists but that is not true, well, it is, partly and sometimes. But the point is, using my incredible tool called Google, I stumbled upon Benjamin’s Acoustic EP.

And you know what?

I fell in love almost immediately–almost because I had to work but when I got the chance to listen to all 6 tracks from the EP, I would say that it is gonna make its way to my two-year old iPod. Benjamin is where the 80s British piano guys meet the modern charming rocker guys.

How’s that possible? I’m not sure but you probably should listen. You may also download this EP for FREE from NoiseTrade.

Personal favorites would be Somebody and Reckless Days Endless Nights.

Loren Benjamin
Official website



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