Paper Route’s The Peace of Wild Things (Album)

The time I spend just browsing the Internet, I swear, is worth it because of the music I discover online.

It’s amazing how many GOOD artists are out there and listening to their music just makes wonder why they aren’t as popular as many other artists we know of. I thought I could wait for the relaunch of The Magic Room Project before I write about the music of Paper Route but I’ve been listening to them for quite a week now (along with my long-term love for Paramore’s new album). So, I decided to feature them in this mini blog of mine.

Paper Route - The Peace of Wild Things Their sophomore album, The Peace of Wild Things, is a compilation of songs that are in equal parts honest and sweet, not to mention, radio-friendly–and it’s gonna make you wonder why their Facebook page only has 25, 000 plus likes.

Better Life” is a perfect moving on jam and so is “Letting You Let Go“; I’m a sucker for these kinds of songs so maybe that explains my fascination. Not that I can relate–well, of course, I can relate (probably on a certain time of my life.

But what made me really, really swoon–and yes, I SWOONED, is their song “You and I”. I don’t think I could ever hate a band that sings:

Runaway, runaway, runaway but don’t go
‘Til you’ve heard every word I say
Runaway, runaway, runaway but just know
I’ll be two steps ahead

Told you I’m a sucker for this.

But give them a listen–trust me on this. *insert the re-assuring wink*

And if you happen to like their music, you can buy it on iTunes and we both can live happily ever after.

Paper Route
Official website



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