Throwback Thursday: Clark x Lana

Smallville Season 8, Episode 10: “Bride”

Clark, I know neither of us could say it. But maybe Clark Kent and Lana Lang just weren’t meant to end up together.

That one episode that took away all my faith in television.

Let me just say this. It was October 2001 when Smallville first aired; I was 11. I’m 22 now. An entire decade has passed and  still, nothing beats the heartbreak this show has given me.

Sure, there have been some TV breakups that nearly gave it a run–Christina and Owen  in the eight season of Grey’s Anatomy; Blair and Chuck in Season 3 of Gossip Girl; Brooke and Lucas in the freaking episode one of One Tree Hill’s fourth season; Summer and Seth in the third season of The OC.

All of these breakups happened in the span of the decade I have shipped Clana and still, nothing beats the moment when Kristin Kreuk came back in Season 8 only to put the dagger in my Clana heart.

I mean, I know, this is all too random but man, it’s like destroying everything I believed in. Well, that’s pretty exaggerated but still, you get the idea.

I have always known it’ll always be Lois and Clark in every Superman thing there is: TV, movie, comics. But in Smallville, the arrival of Lois Lane just didn’t justify all the pleasure and heartbreak that Clana brought me since Season 1. The least they can do was to make Clark and Lana end game.

And seriously, Kristin Kreuk and Tom Welling‘s chemistry worked like Oreos and milk. They’re  perfect.

I’m forever scarred.



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