Rebecca Black, Because the Girl Could Actually Sing

Let me get this straight, I hated “Friday” with a passion. You might think that I’m the girl who hates everything but no, I just hate things that makes not even a tiny bit of sense. I guess about a million people are with me in this because that song’s video has a million and plus dislikes–quadruple times than the likes.

So, yeah. You can imagine my surprise when I saw a Hollywood website’s Tweet about Rebecca Black’s cover of Miley Cyrus’ summer hit, “We Can’t Stop“. Regardless of how I can’t stomach to finish Cyrus’ official video for the song, it’s one of the songs that I actually like. Let’s admit it, it’s a fun–a guilty pleasure, fun song.

So, I checked out Black and some random guy’s cover of the song and man, I was like, “Heeeey. Is this the same Rebecca Black that sang Friday–the song about how Friday comes after Thursday?!”

I was, the least, surprised because she CAN sing. It’s no better than the original but this is a decent cover. I would actually consider downloading it and putting it in my iPod just like the many YouTube covers I have.

Maybe, Rebecca Black is one of those artists that started off quite on the wrong foot. Admit it, “Friday” was annoying. But maybe, it’s about time we give this girl a chance.

Wait; is it just me or do you agree that when she sang the “Forget the haters” part, it seemed like she was talking to her one million plus dislikers?



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