Featuring the Music of: RUUT


We’re in a generation of talented musicians from different genres–all offering different takes in every tweak of style and taste. It’s hard to pick a favorite–but for some of us, it only takes one listen to tell the difference between music and good music.

And it only took one listen for me to decide that Ruut, a Baltimore-based artist, is a good listen–a beautiful listen, probably one of the bests I’ve heard since the heydays of  Sarah McLachlan, Carole King, and Norah Jones; all powerhouse names of the indie-folk genre.

Ruut will be dropping her full-length album, Glimpse, on September but as early as now, I’m calling it–this is gonna be one of the best albums you’ll purchase this year.

Glimpse proves that the vulnerability of brilliant songwriting–when combined with enough well-arranged, piano-heavy instrumentals–could make a masterpiece. Her introspective songwriting separates her from the rest of the crowd of musicians we have today–because we all can write songs, but it takes one special person to take your breath away with just plain words.

Yet, Ruut’s strongest quality lies in her vocal chords–her smooth voice, backed up with just the right amount of intensity and power fits the arrangement of every song I’ve heard off the album by far. It brings you a sense of connection; like she’s lulling you to sleep but you don’t want to sleep because she keeps you listening; she holds your attention all the while diverting it back to that one experience in your life that made you feel so much.

Her music pulls you together, only to shatter you apart beautifully.

(I’m having so many feelings listening to it right now, people–as I type. I don’t know why I torture myself like this. HAHA. I swear to all my Ingrid Michaelson and Sarah McLachlan records that when I first heard Glimpse, I literally stopped everything I was doing and just listened to it.)

My personal favorites (aside from, of course, Glimpse):


Make It Good

A three-track preview of her album is here. You know what to do.

Know more about Ruut via these links:
Official Website

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