Welcome back, motherf*ckin’ princess!

I’m all for going out of the box and searching for your true sound. I loved Taylor Swift and Paramore when they changed sounds (I actually love them more on “Red” and “Paramore”). If you’re an artist, it’s okay to get out of your comfort zone for a while and try if you fit somewhere else; try to sound different and be where the trend is.

But there’s also a time when you realize that you have to go back to where you started, especially if the whole world knows you’re at your best in it.

Avril Lavigne spent quite some time trying to break out of her punk/pop/rock persona that brought us hits like “Complicated”, “Sk8ter Boi”, and “I’m With You”. Instead, she has tried to crossover to the pop side while trying to maintain her rockstar image. The phase gave us the songs “Girlfriend”, “Hot”, and “When You’re Gone”–songs are still considerably good.

But then, the time came when her fans have craved for the Avril Lavigne image that made her interesting in the first place. Then, summer this year, “Here’s To Never Growing Up” came out and the music video alone–her wearing her signature tanktop and tie outfit–had everyone hoping that she’s found her way back home.

She recently dropped the music video for “Rock N Roll”, her second single off her upcoming self-titled album–and this is where we officially say, “Welcome back, Avril.”

I’m not a fan but I do have a special spot for artists I grew up listening to. So, there’s that and this time around, with two consecutive hits that I actually adore, I just might become a fan.



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