an open letter to every girl who’s ever had to pretend they like sports just to keep a man

My friend,

Let me start by telling you: you’re not fooling anyone.

Now, let me give you the bigger picture: there’s a difference between wanting to know the guy and wanting to be the girl the guy likes. Remember to always strive for the former because the latter doesn’t make you girlfriend of the year. It makes you puppet of the year and pardon my boldness but it’s utterly pathetic.

It’s easy to ignore this trend these days. ‘Oh, she likes him, maybe that’s why she now likes what he likes even though she loathed that thing before’, bullshit.

If you don’t like it, don’t pretend like you do. If don’t like the movie, go ahead and say it. If you don’t like the place, learn how to say no.

If the joke isn’t funny, you don’t have to laugh.

Believe it or not, some relationships actually work even if two people don’t share the same interests. You love dresses and heels but you’ll never see a guy acting like they share the same passion. Why? Because it’s not their thing. Guys, they get to choose the things they find interesting about you and you have that privilege, too. You don’t have to pretend to be someone else just for someone to like you.

Neverever think that you have to alter your life just to keep someone.

Sure, knowing where they’re coming from makes everything a lot easier but keeping up an appearance is a rubber band situation–the farther you stretch it, the more it hurts when it snaps right back at you. The longer you pretend to be interested in something you really aren’t interested at all, the more the other person believes it. The more they believe it, the more they expect of you.

And you know where this ends, right?

You’ll end up being the the trophy girlfriend. You’ll end up being the girl they flaunt around for reasons you’re not even proud of. Don’t you want to be the girl someone flaunts around simply because you’re awesome?

If you’re unhappy, have the guts to say it out loud; have the guts to demand for the things that’ll keep you satisfied. You wanna know why this is important? Because if you have to ask yourself if you’re happy, it only means one thing.

You’re not.

It doesn’t always mean breaking hearts and taking the next train out. It’s about having the right amount of self-respect and self-love to go out there and ask for whatever makes you happy. It’s about having the right state of mind to admit something’s missing. It’s about having the audacity to hope for change.

It’s about being brave enough to acknowledge the differences and being even braver to go past it.

It’s simple really.

Don’t be that girl we all know on Facebook who follows their partner around like a lapdog. You’re a woman who endures deadly cramps month after month so, no. Don’t let any guy–or anyone really–tell you what you should and should not like.

Don’t be that girl who keeps talking about being in a perfect relationship because one, it’s annoying and two, there’s no such thing as a perfect relationship; and I say this on behalf of the society.

Lastly, don’t be that girl who keeps saying you’re happy when you’re really not. It’s sad, a little pathetic, and most days, it only makes you a coward.

And a liar, too.

A Girl Who’s Been There Before and Honestly, It’s Not Worth It



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