The Maginhawa Chronicles: #1 – Leona Art Restaurant

And so, the journey begins.

About a couple of weeks ago (because this blog post is late as heck), I invited my bestfriends to try a new restaurant with me. Thus, The Maginhawa Chronicles. Click here to know whatever the hell I am saying.

First stop: Leona Art Restaurant

See, this is the moment I realized that my favorite cuisine is Italian, mainly because–in the wise words of my personal hero April Ludgate:

Pizza is knowledge.

So, yes, it’s only logical that our first stop is this Italian place.

We got there about eight in the evening and in effort to speed things up, Leona Art Restaurant isn’t hard to find mostly because my friends are the best human maps in town. I’d be lost without them and that pun, my friend, is genius.

The place, in fairness, lived up to its name. It is indeed artsy and so Italian that it actually makes a good place for small-group reunions and date nights. Because I was so hungry, I didn’t have the motivation to take pictures of the place. Here’s a photo of my friends and I that’ll at least give you an idea of how the place looks like:

The bangs don’t lie.

There’s Anna, Dennis, Nica, and yours truly.

What’s impressive about Leona though is that it took them less than 10 minutes to serve our food. We ordered three kinds of pizza, one serving of pasta, three glasses of rootbeer float, and a glass of milkshake.

rootbeer float; pesto

3-cheese; pepperoni; garlic something-somthing pizza

The judgment? Five stars of five. Or six of five. Or 11 of 10.

It is that good.

It’s also very affordable because I remember having trouble breathing because I ate quite a lot and I only chipped in less than P200 (that’s about less than $4). They have this promo where you can order two kinds of pizza and get one for free.

Must try: the pepperoni pizza and the MILKSHAKE–that one thing I didn’t get the chance to take a photo of. Sorry! Rookie mistake!

Overall satisfaction: superb!

Leona Art Restaurant: check!

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