The ‘Maginhawa’ Chronicles: The Journey of a Food-lover (because the word ‘foodie’ is not gonna happen in my world)

This new-found sense of independence has triggered me to embark on a personal foodie journey.


That is the last time that word will ever be used in this blog. I hate that word for so many reasons but mostly because I believe that it’s a dumb ploy to lure people into consumerism.


As I was saying, my new-found sense of independence and the return of my passion of adventure has inspired me to reach a goal. And that goal is: to try all the recommended restaurants in Maginhawa Street.

For those who are not familiar, let me give you a brief walk-through:

What is Maginhawa Street?
Maginhawa (in English, convenient/comfortable) is a street in Quezon City that is slowly becoming popular for its long range of restaurants of different cuisines. Most restaurants can be considered ‘artsy’ and if we are talking about music, this range of food places is what we call: indie.

Quezon City is my hometown, by the way, if that makes any sense or any relation to this blog post at all.

The Goal: be able to try all the places in this infographic I randomly picked somewhere. Kudos to people who make infographics, yay!



Every time, I’d invite my friends to try these places with me and we’ll see how this turns out. If you want to join me in this journey, you know where to find me (or do you know?)

#1 Leona Art Restaurant – 5/5
#2 Gayuma Ni Maria – 2.5/5
#3 The Sweet Spot – 3.5/5

*This post will serve as a masterpost for every restaurant I will try.*


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