TMC: #2 Gayuma ni Maria

So, Gayuma Ni Maria (translation: Maria’s Love Potion) wasn’t exactly the second place I visited in Maginhawa. I’ve already visited The Sweet Spot and Fruili Trattoria prior to this but I haven’t tasted much of what they offer so, I decided to save those posts for some other day.


I, along with two of my friends, visited this place mostly because we’ve all heard such rave reviews about it. Even my officemates told me to visit this place and try this cake called, Beats Sex Any Day. I never made it a habit to check out any restaurant’s menu online so, I my interest piqued when I heard the names they call their dishes. It’s interesting and maybe, that’s why we picked this place.

Top photo: myself and Michelle, a friend I haven’t seen in two years; Bottom photo: all three of us; Khreane, a regular guest in this series of foodrip

We came in and the place is almost empty save for about four people who are seated in twos; obviously, given the name itself, the place is designed for couples. But then again, who cares?

The place is dim; I guess they’re going for the romantic vibe but my eyes are really bad without glasses so, I kinda didn’t like it. There are paper cutouts of hearts anywhere and I was secretly gagging but then again, that’s just me. The place is actually kind of nice, you know, if you’re into that.


We sat at the booth and we were given the menu after about five minutes of being there. And I would be pissed under normal circumstances but yeah, I was in a good mood so, yeah. It was worth the wait though because once we were handed the menu, we all started laughing.

It’s interesting to read food names like Unrequited Love, Secret Lovers, Undress Me, and No Boyfriend Since Birth.

It’s right then did I realize that, really, this place is really popular for its concept alone. It’s brilliant, I think, and at the same time really entertaining–which only led us to spending about 10 minutes just discussing the menu. [Follow these links to view the menu: 1, 2]

The highlight though is this meal called Tunay na Pagibig (True Love). Never in my life did I ever saw this coming. I mean, I’ve always joked about ordering love from a restaurant as if it’s that easy but shit got real the moment Michelle said, “Isa nga pong Tunay na Pagibig.”

I laughed so hard, I almost cried. Unfortunately, True Love wasn’t available that day. So yeah, it blows. See, you will never find true love in restaurants. I’m actually a bit disappointed because kidding aside, the dish seems kinda promising:

True Love

So, yeah, since Tunay na Pagibig is not available, we’re all gonna have to settle somehow. (I love how this post has so much pun, by the way.)

Me on Top
Me on Top
Afternoon Delight
Afternoon Delight
Lumpiang Excited
Lumpiang Excited

Well, the pasta was good but the rest was just… okay.

We then ordered cakes and we tried getting this cake everyone talks about. Unfortunately, Beats Sex Any Day cake is not available as well. So, there you go: you don’t have true love and you have nothing better than sex. Can’t help but just shrug.

Pavlova; Red Velvet
Pavlova; Red Velvet

Overall, the experience was fun, hilarious even. I guess, this place is best visited by couples on a date. It’s definitely not a place that will be thoroughly enjoyed by friends who haven’t seen each other in two years. The food was just… okay. I just can’t believe we didn’t get to try the meals everyone was talking about and granted we came in on an afternoon but you best sellers always gotta be ready, right?

If you’re into trying something new, this is the place to be. They have a section where you can look at sex toys… so…. yeah.

2014-06-21 11.59.40 1

But for other things like fast service and overall ambiance, I’d say just don’t expect much.

I’d give the place a 2.5 out of 5 stars. I would’ve given it a 2 but like I said, I was in a good mood so there’s the  bonus points. Heh.

Overall satisfaction: uhm, cool.

Gayuma ni Maria: check!

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GNM Check


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