would you go all the way, a playlist

Share your current playlist.

Playlist Challenge, Episode 1
Share your current playlist

Check out my current playlist and please, forgive the inclusion of Ariana Grande in this playlist. Some things we cannot help.

There’s also an incomplete version of this playlist in Spotify. It is incomplete because some of the songs aren’t on the database yet. Sadly, the Spotify version of this playlist is missing my current favorite song “OctaHate” by Ryn Weaver and “L.A.F.” by Broods, both songs were released last week. So, there.

Click the link below if the actual playlist isn’t working for you.

would you go all the way from loragenedee on 8tracks Radio.


Author: Lora Dee

Proof that a degree in Communication doesn't make anyone less awkward; music taste ranges from the very first Britney Spears album to Arcade Fire and Haim but does not include Justin Bieber and One Direction; favorite poet is me because everyone is a poet when they're sad enough.


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