31 Things No One Will Warn You About

  1. That some days are so bad that the first thing you’ll do when you get home is throw yourself to the bed and cry.
  2. That people will hurt you
  3. And you will let them.
  4. That the good days don’t necessarily compensate for the bad ones; that sometimes, the rain chooses to pour on the day you decide to wear your favorite dress.
  5. That will people tell you lies.
  6. And you will believe them.
  7. That you’ll get a job—and then it will kill the fire inside you until the embers turn to ashes; and you’ll find yourself one day wanting to run away but can’t because this is who you are now. And humans are only good at being humans.
  8. That some apologies are not real and you know it
  9. And yet, you find yourself waiting for people to say, “I’m sorry I hurt you,” even if they don’t mean it.
  10. That most days, you never really get the apology you deserve.
  11. That some wounds never heal;
  12. And that some wounds only get worse.
  13. That you’ll spend most of your time all by yourself;
  14. And that it’s possible to enter a room full of people and still feel alone.
  15. That you’ll fight yourself to stay strong;
  16. And then you’ll break; and you’ll find yourself one day—on your way home, on your usual route—blinking tears away.
  17. You’ll reach home just in time before your tears fall and you cry; you allow yourself to cry for the first time in such a long while.
  18. That your friends have their own life, too; and that it’s just you now, fighting the demons under your bed alone and defenseless.
  19. You will win some of the battles; but the ones you lose are ones you remember the most.
  20. That some days, you forget to pray; that some days, your faith will shake; that some days, you get lost
  21. And some days, you never really come back.
  22. That people will tell you “I love you,”
  23. You’ll believe them, you’ll learn to say it back
  24. But there will come a time when the words hold no power to you.
  25. That after your first heartbreak, you’ll choke back the first “I love you” you plan to say; because humans are built with memory so brutal that it’ll remind you of your first “I love you” that went straight to voicemail.
  26. That people will hurt you
  27. Again and again;
  28. And you will let them.
  29. That people will lie to you;
  30. But the worst lies are the ones you tell yourself like, “I’m okay” and “I’m enough”
  31. And some days are just so bad that you can’t even get yourself to believe them.


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