TMC: #3 The Sweet Spot

By now, you should already know that I suck at this whole thing. This post is about a couple of months late but yeah, whatever.

Moving on.

It’s us again.
I’m a sucker for cozy coffee shops–not just because I live and die with caffeine but also because it fascinates me in some weird way. It has been kind of a difficult feat for me to find a place that passes all of my standards regarding ambiance, theme, and the taste of their coffee.

That’s what interested me about The Sweet Spot. It’s one of the most popular places down Maginhawa Street so, it’s no surprise that I encouraged my friends to visit this place right after our fateful experience at Gayuma ni Maria.

Since I’m already blogging this from what my not-so-sharp memory could help me with, I can only try and give you something here.

We arrived there late in the afternoon. The place isn’t packed, save for a couple of people who already look familiar with the place. I also remember seeing a bunch of first-timers and I only knew that because they were taking pictures of the place.

The place is perfect for people who want to sit and do some reading whether it is for academic or just casual reading. The place is about serene enough for concentrating on work or school–which is cool actually, and I guess that’s sort of the perk when you’re not Starbucks.

The only thing I could complain about is the music. The place could use some coffee shop tunes we could easily find on Spotify because a coffee shop is not a place for Demi Lovato. But that’s a story for another day.

The Sweet Spot 1

Drinks 2


Overall, the place looks nice. The loft-style cafe is a perfect chill place for catching up and studying.

From the balcony.
The reading area/counter.
Overall satisfaction: cool!

The Sweet Spot: check!

Gayuma Check


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