in which it’s not the big bang, but a shift nonetheless

there are these small, quiet moments where we meet someone and there’s a click; a recognition. i don’t really believe in love at first sight but i believe in that click.

the click.

in which it’s not the world exploding right before your eyes; it’s not the big bang but a shift nonetheless.

on a day as strange and ordinary as a Wednesday, you’ll meet someone and there’s this one split-second of recognition, of intrigue. it’s probably their personality, or the way they throw their head back when they laugh–heh, sometimes, it’s the way they brush you off because they are, apparently, an asshole–but there are people we meet and they make a mark right away.

that’s usually the first sign. when you find yourself wondering if there’s something more to that personality, to the first impression you have of them–it’s all downhill from there.

all it takes is that click and one day, you’ll wake up wondering about the little things until it develops into pure a blown curiosity, a crush if you’re a child. then, fate plays a funny joke of throwing the two of you together, giving you a chance to take a microscopic look at their mind.

it’ll blow you away, really, when you prove that the click really did mean something. that the crush, the attraction, is something like a message from your gut: you have got to get to know this person because I fucking swear you’re going to like them.

the click is really just your instincts playing your wingman.

and then the attraction grows into something more–something close to knowing; something akin to falling.

you won’t always know what happens next; they won’t always meet you halfway. and yeah, deep down, you know it’s not about to happen soon , maybe not ever–but then, it reminds you of the click and how that intrigue has grown into something that makes your days brighter.

it must mean something, you’ll tell yourself. so you’ll cling to that hope.

someday, when you look back, you’ll either applaud or berate yourself but then it takes you back to that click because it all started from there.

it wasn’t an explosion. it wasn’t like driving a Maserati down a dead-end street. it was as simple as a click.

a spark.

and you realize that the changes that shake our lives are the quietest of moments; the one where you sense the ground shaking beneath your feet but you’re the only one who can feel it.

it’s not much.

but it changes you.

and that’s okay.



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